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About Us – Colour Company Southampton Ltd.

Southampton’s leading print provider

The Printing industry has experienced exciting and dramatic changes in recent years.

Major advances in digital and digital offset technology have revolutionised colour printing, achieving exceptional quality reproduction with minimal set up and significantly faster turnaround.

This has created exciting new opportunities in sales, marketing and corporate presentation, not only in terms of cost saving but also greater flexibility in output.

Promotional material which may previously have been cost prohibitive can now be produced with better quality, in faster time and, most importantly, at a fraction of the cost this would normally involve.

At Colour Company Southampton we’ve kept at the forefront of printing technology and development and have invested heavily in the latest presses, systems and hardware.

We provide a comprehensive service for all print and copy requirements in all formats, supported by the full range of finishing options and specialised promotional and display activities. Not only that but you will also find that we offer the most competitive pricing structure in Southern England.

Whatever your requirements our combination of reliability, highest standards in quality and service and competitive pricing will show you the way to an exciting new world of printing opportunities. Get in touch today for professional advice on your print, design or copying requirements.

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